six weeks industrial training in chandigarh 6 weeks industrial training in chandigarh

cbitssThe turning point for every Btech,BCA or MCA student is his/her six months industrial training. In this age of computer it is nearly impossible to get JOB with just degree or diploma. one must have deep knowledge at least in one of these technologies that lies under networking, programming & internet technologies. So for aspirants it is very important to choose the right technology module which can be considered as career option and one more important thing which one must not take lightly that is choosing the right organization from where candidate should take training in six months industrial training program. As this is the matter of candidate’s career therefore only professional trainer who have good industrial knowledge can treat the candidate well as per the industry’s man power requirements. We CBITSS, are Chandigarh based company, leader in its class to provide best technical training to the students who want to undergo six months/6weeks/2months industrial training. Along with technical training we have world class techniques to patronise the candidates for interview with our personality development training modules that are complimentary with technical modules. And such modules do not help only in getting good JOB but also this reflect in their real life. The well-experienced staff in CBITSS are always ready to take the students to the zenith of IT industry with their world class teaching techniques. However, in order to achieve these goals it is paramount for students to avail themselves to this yielding opportunity. Convincingly, CBITSS believes in making candidates for feeding the nation and world at large not just making the arrangements for today only.. Those who are aspirants to become independent IT professionals, I strongly recommend them to get career counselling from the our representatives.For an organization , with the change in technologies training the existing man power is another big challenge to stay at the top in this challenging world. Training on latest technologies not only encapsulate professionals with the skills to be more productive in the workplace but also built confidence and curiosity because most valuable asset of a company skilled workforce. Investment made in IT resources for a company is of no use useless if company’s employees are not equipped with the correct skills to utilise the technology.For an organization , with the change in technologies training the power is ananother big challenge to stay at the top in this challenging