Light Trends Metal And Industrial Light Fixtures

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of light fixtures: pendant lights, track lights, lamps and ceiling fixtures galore. There are also hundreds of different styles to choose from: contemporary, rustic, elegant, modern, traditional, art deco and beyond. With so many different lighting fixtures and an equal if not greater number of styles, there are literally an endless number of combinations for your home. Even when youve chosen a single style, such as industrial, there are a vast number of variations to choose from.

Traditionally, industrial styled lights were designed to create maximum illumination in large industrial spaces: manufacturing spaces or even commercial spaces. Ideally, these fixtures were extremely efficient. They could easily light a large area of space while only requiring a minimal amount of money on not only the light fixtures themselves, but also for the electricity to run them. Some companies even produced cluster-style industrial light fixtures, which incorporated large reflective covers and multiple light heads to help reflect a greater amount of light.

Historically, these fixtures were made from glass, iron and brass. These materials were readily available at the time and inexpensive to use and purchase. Today, higher quality industrial styled light fixtures for the home are often made from these same materials. However, you can also find industrial fixtures, from pendant lights to ceiling fixtures, that are made from aluminum, steel or even plastic that is molded to look like any of the aforementioned materials.

Furthermore, todays industrial fixtures arent necessarily meant for industrial spaces and have long since been replaced by modern fluorescent tube lighting. In fact, many industrial fixtures are much smaller in size and are now considered a type of style rather than lights made for a specific industry.

Modernized versions and steampunk versions can include glass shades, metal wire cages and so forth. You can use these fixtures in every room of your home from the bathroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between.

One of the biggest benefits to metal or industrial styled light fixtures is that they are surprisingly versatile. It is easy to incorporate simple metal light fixtures, such as track lights or pendant lights, into nearly any style of home decor and nearly every room in your home. It doesnt matter if your room is eclectic, traditional or contemporary: chances are, there is an industrial styled light fixture that will work perfectly for your space.

When choosing an industrial style light fixture, look for function. A true industrial themed fixture will have a purpose to serve. For example, pendant lights with small metal heads that are free of unnecessary shades are perfect for use as task lighting over kitchen islands or desks in home offices. For larger overhead lighting needs, opt for ceiling fixtures that have metal dish shaped shades to project, magnify or aim the light throughout the room.