Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment and Machines

Steam Pressure Washer Cleaning Machines as Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Typically, buying industrial floor cleaning equipment is a more time consuming task considering the various technologies and price levels of machines under consideration for your specific needs. Certainly, you want to make the best choice the very first time rather than investing your budget or money in industrial floor cleaning equipment that is either inappropriate for your particular requirements or otherwise will not withstand the duty cycle under which you will use it.

Daimer offers Super Max steam pressure washer cleaning machines to meet the various needs of our many professional cleaning contractor customers who actually use the machines as industrial floor cleaning equipment for their clients especially greasy floor surfaces requiring ultra high temperatures. Many of our industrial buyers select Daimers industrial steam pressure washer machines themselves.

The benefit of using super high temperatures is minimizing the use of harmful chemicals required with cold or even hot pressure washer cleaning machines used as industrial floor cleaning equipment. Lower temperature pressure washers result in greater water flow and weaker the cleaning power, resulting in lower overall productivity versus higher temperature machines and equipment. Steam pressure washers clean surfaces in an absolutely astounding manner.

Hard Surface Cleaning Machines and Equipment as Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Daimer s line includes several brands of industrial floor cleaning equipment and machines to choose from to cover all of your cleaning needs that you might come across. XTreme Power machines, the industrys most powerful portable simultaneous cleaning and extracting machine of its type, is fantastic to clean a wide variety of floors, especially both porous and non-porous tile and grout, rubber floors, concrete, VCT and laminate floors, and many others. The 1000 rpm spinning, which moves automatically using a patented motorized system, includes a blade situated only ” from the surface. The result industrial floor cleaning equipment and machines will clean more effectively and quickly than other brands on the market. Higher cleaning power and motorized rotary spinning versus non motorized rotary action with other machines on the market results in much less water usage. The end result is greener cleaning with Daimer .

Green Cleaners for Safer and More Effective Cleaning Results

Daimers industrial floor cleaning equipment often requires the use of cleaning chemical and solutions to enhance the cleaning power of your machines, and make the surfaces as clean as possible. We are proud our Eco-Green commercial floor cleaning chemicals using patented Micro-Blasting technology work more effectively and safely than any other commercial floor cleaning chemicals or detergents of their types in the industry; they are absolutely perfect for all your commercial floor cleaning needs. Made from all natural, renewable plant and vegetable sources Eco-Green cleaning solutions from Daimer are safe for you, your business and all KleenJet industrial floor cleaning equipment and machines.