Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial cleaning has changed enormously over the years as the standards of cleanliness expected have increased. Working in industry used to be a dirty and unpleasant business with dirt and grime an expected by product of the process, whereas nowadays it is expected that floors and machinery will be kept clean and free of debris. So how is this standard of cleaning to be maintained? Fortunately the range of industrial cleaning equipment available it there to help with the cleaning, with purpose built machines for specific areas.

One potential disadvantage of a conventional mains powered pressure washer is that movement is constrained by the length of the lead. This can make life difficult if cleaning is required at a less accessible part of the premises or perhaps off site. The petrol pressure washer will often have its own water bowser so it is completely self contained; this is particularly useful where access to water is difficult or impossible, such as cleaning road signs or bus shelters for example. An example of the heavy duty petrol pressure washer would be the Edge Ranger petrol pressure washer series which provides a robust and hard working tool for cleaning in awkward or difficult areas.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment for Floors

The floor in any environment is the natural repository for dirt and debris and cleaning it has proved problematic in the past. These days there are different floor cleaning machines to effectively keep the floor clean and one of these is the floor sweeper. The floor sweeper, as its name implies, sweeps the floor by using rotating brushes and collects the deposits into a container for later disposal. For deeper cleaning, then a floor scrubber dryer which cleans using a chemical solution worked into the floor surface by rotating brushes and then removed by a squeegee to leave a clean dry floor. Of course the most obvious piece of floor cleaning industrial equipment is the vacuum cleaner which is larger and more powerful when used in the industrial environment.

Other Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Cleaning Equipment encompasses more than floor cleaning of course. There are other areas such as machinery, vehicles, brickwork etc. which require cleaning and for these applications a pressure washer may be the most appropriate. This equipment forces a jet of water on to the area to be cleaned to dislodge the dirt for disposal. The pressure washer can use cold water or hot and may have a detergent applicator fitted dependent upon requirement, and they are available as portable or static units. For deep cleaning where there are more specific sanitary requirements a steam cleaner could be used which cleans more thoroughly into the surface and destroys harmful bacteria.

There are a lot of different types of industrial cleaning equipment available to buy or hire, and it is advisable to seek advice from an experience supplier to make sure you get the right cleaning machine for you.