Industrial chain for a multiplicity of sectors

With over a century of experience, Sedis has grown to become France’s leading industrial chain manufacturer and nowadays enjoys a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide, thanks to its network of some 200 distributors and 400 sales points.

Sedis designs, produces and supplies a comprehensive range of metric chain, American Standard (AS, ANSI) chain and British Standard (BS) chain to its customers throughout the world. The Sedis catalogue includes products as diverse as agricultural chains and oilfield chains, chains for escalators and theme parks, and special chain for the steel industry, automobile industry, cement industry, paper industry, sugar industry and food processing industry.

Sedis can also supply an extensive choice of standard roller chain for industrial applications, including transmission chain, BS roller chains, ANSI roller chains and oilfield chain.

In addition, the company offers a great selection of leaf chains – AL J (LL) and LH (BL) series – and leaf chain accessories, plus an exceptional selection of adapted chains: straight side plate chains, chains with extended bearing pins, chains with K, M, B or Z attachments, hollow bearing pin chains, conveyor belt chains, gripper chains, side bow chains, pin oven chains and many more.

Standard and customised industrial step chains and conveyor chains are also available from Sedis. The company’s standard conveyor chain selection includes solid pin ISO chains, solid pin BS chains, ISO and BS hollow pin chains, French series chains, block chains and Galle chains of various types. In addition, for customers who have special requirements, Sedis can design and manufacture special conveyor chain products for use in many and varied industries.

Quality has always been a prime concern for Sedis: the company was the world’s first ISO 9001 certified industrial chain manufacturers and remains AFAQ (Association Franaise pour l’Assurance de la Qualit) ISO 9001 version 2000 accredited.

An active research and development department keeps Sedis at the forefront of innovation, developing wear resistant and lube free chains, or chains which have anti-corrosive properties or are suitable for food contact.

To complement its innovative industrial chain offerings, Sedis offers an outstanding choice of sprockets, taper bushes, platewheels and chain wheels. Products include taper bushes, sprockets with taper bushes, and sprockets, chainwheels and platewheels for BS type roller chains, ISO / BS conveyor chains, and agricultural chains. In addition to the standard product range, Sedis is happy to design and manufacture special models to customers’ specifications.

In short, whatever type of leaf chains, roller chains, conveyor chains, agricultural chains, and sprockets and wheels you may require, Sedis is at your service.