Industrial Barbell

An industrial barbell is straight piece of ear jewelry that is used to pierce the ear cartilage. Two perforations are created in the ear cartilage, which helps the person wear numerous types of industrial barbell jewelry including the orbital ear, twisted ear, and long straight barbell jewelry. Industrial barbell jewelry is available in numerous designs and shapes including orbital, spiral, and straight jewelry. Any two parts of the ear cartilage may be chosen for ear cartilage piercing that permit the wearing of an orbital, spiral, or long bar shape.

At least two piercings are created in the ear, which are connected through an industrial barbell, are known as an industrial ear piercing. The individual determines an extremely exceptional type of industrial barbell that is to be worn following the healing of the industrial piercing. If you have not determined which type of jewelry you want to wear in your industrial piercing you can look on numerous websites on the Internet where you will find a variety of barbells to choose from. These websites will help you to choose whatever design you are attracted to. The straight industrial barbell was very popular until a few years ago. This type of industrial barbell is now paving the way for spiral barbell to be worn only following an industrial piercing. The helix barbell was seen only in 1992. However, today the helix type of ear piercing is only preferred with a vertical piercing and the outer/inner conch piercing is the most desired.

The industrial ear piercing is the most popular because it takes up two sites through the ear cartilage in which a long industrial barbell which is available in various designs, shapes, and sizes including the twisted barbell, the long barbell, and the spiral barbell. The ear cartilage is pierced with a long barbell from behind the ear and is taken to the upper portion of the ear where it is screwed with a ball like bed. This is known as a helix piercing.

There are basically three types of industrial piercings available today which become very popular. They are the helix spiral piercing, which is very attractive and beautiful, the orbital piercing in which the ear is pierced on two sites of the ear cartilage, and the vertical industrial piercing which is also very popular.

Industrial piercing will permit a person to select for a variety of different pieces of jewelry, all of which are very becoming.