How to Choose an Industrial Panel Saw

An industrial panel saw is used to produce panels for cabinets, furniture, doors, and other types of woodwork. If you need a new panel saw, but you have questions about what model you should buy, or what type of woodworking machinery suppliers to buy it from, the answers below will help.

Should I buy a vertical model of a horizontal model?

Vertical models are often preferred because they have a smaller footprint than horizontal models. Some woodworkers also claim that vertical models are easier to load. The most meaningful difference between the two models is how they are stationed in the workplace. If you have a small workspace, choosing a vertical model may make the most sense.

Should I consider buying a CNC model?

A CNC model is a good choice for at least three reasons: the computer-controlled cutting mechanism virtually eliminates human error, the equipment can operate without the constant assistance of a machinist, and the computer-controlled cutting mechanism boosts production capacity. Although a CNC industrial panel saw costs more than a conventional one, these benefits more than offset the price difference over the equipment’s lifespan.

Is it safe to buy a used model?

As long as the equipment has been reconditioned, and the seller has strong references and an excellent record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is safe to buy a used model. For added assurance that the equipment is in good condition, be sure that it has a spotless maintenance record.

Is it possible to test equipment before buying it?

Reputable woodworking machinery suppliers let prospective customers test equipment before they buy it. It may be necessary to travel to the seller’s location to perform the test, but doing so is worth the trip. Simply watching the equipment operate and listening to its motor can reveal potential mechanical problems that would not be evident by looking at photographs or inspecting the machine when it is not in operation.

Should I look for equipment that has a warranty?

It is never a bad idea to buy CLAA070NA01CT LED Panel that has a warranty. However, if you intend to own it long-term, the best form of investment protection is to buy a machine that has an excellent record for reliability. This is especially the case if you are purchasing used equipment.

What types of sellers should I avoid?

It is best to avoid sellers who lack a physical business location, as they usually lack the capacity to recondition equipment. Also avoid buying from sellers who lack strong references, or have a poor record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB).