How To Carry Out Industrial Chimney Maintenance Work

Industrial chimneys are tough to maintain, largely due to their towering height. Only professionals with sufficient knowhow of industrial rope access technology and years of experience in maintaining industrial chimneys are best suited for the job. If you are searching for companies providing steeple jack and maintenance services, you must be informed about how industrial chimney maintenance work is done. But before going in to details, let’s look at some of the advantages of industrial chimney maintenance.
* Firstly, industrial chimneys if maintained at regular intervals help to avoid any possible disaster. This in turn saves you a lot of money, which would have gone into expenses, in case of a catastrophe.
* Besides saving you from facing any financial hurdle, a thorough inspection of the chimneys might bring into sight some flaws in the construction process. If not acted on time, this might pose a serious problem in the production unit.
* In addition to the above, a timely maintenance of industrial chimneys would help secure environmental safety and protect lives of inhabitants living near the industrial plant.
Proper maintenance of chimneys and smoke stakes are essential to retain optimum productivity and protect the industrial units from any possible mishap. The basic steps involved in industrial chimney maintenance work involve the following:
* An Industrial chimney is a towering structure. To access this lofty height, experienced climbers and surveyors are deployed by chimney cleaning companies. Besides, to help them climb up to such great heights, they are equipped with bracket scaffold, crane-suspended and motorized man-baskets as well as crank chairs.
* With advancement in technology, now in addition to manual inspection of the exterior and interior walls of the chimney, hot-camera inspection (which can withstand a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit), telephoto-zoom video inspection and closed circuit video TV inspections are being used extensively.
* Another vital part of modern industrial chimney maintenance is to inspect existing stack condition through ultrasonic testing, laser surveys, and core sampling processes.
* After such thorough and elaborate procedure of checking, engineers are consulted to prepare an inspection report. A typical inspection report for industrial chimney maintenance consists of relevant recommendations by the surveyor as well as budgetary costs for the job.
* A criterion, often missed out during chimney maintenance job, is the cost of removing debris from the site.
Only an experienced industrial chimney maintenance company can offer the most advanced service besides providing painting and on-site repairing job. Industrial Access, with a decade of experience in this domain is a name to reckon with. With fully licensed, trained, and certified professionals in their team, they can complete difficult chimney maintenance tasks under stringent guidelines.