Dr. Mueller and Temac Distribution agreement on industrial gaskets

The company Dr. Mller GmbH based in Ahlhorn / Lower Saxony and Temac, located in Zverinek / Czech Republic have signed a distribution agreement on the products manufactured by Temac for the German market.

Temacs product portfolio includes a wide range of industrial gaskets, mainly fibrous-rubber sealing boards, boards and die-cut sealing from an expanded graphite and PTFE, a wide range of combined gaskets such as spiral wound gaskets, camprofiles, special metal-sealing elements, gland packings, graphite rings, PTFE products, static packings and textiles, non-asbestos gaskets materials and other metallic components.

By signing this distribution agreement we have managed to allow the distribution in Germany of a wide range of quality sealing materials of this leading European manufacturer,” said Frank Funke, sales manager of Dr. Mller GmbH

At the beginning, Dr. Mueller will focus on the range of non-asbestos gaskets materials of this Czech company. The firm will concentrate its activities on the selected dealers and the cutting companies.

“The advantage of Temacs materials is that they have a large number of certifications,” said Daniel Moc, Temacs sales manager. For example, DVGW (gas), KTW (drinking water) and BAM (oxygen) certifications.

World renowned companies use products from Temac:

As an example from the petrochemical field, companies such as Shell, Esso and Bayer could be mentioned, from the automotive industry, Volkswagen subsidiary Skoda as well as the French suppliers Valeo and Faurecia.

About Dr. Mller GmbH:
The Dr. Mller GmbH in Ahlhorn (Niedersachsen) is one of the world’s largest supplier of Electrical Insulating Materials, Thermally Conductive Products, gaskets and Technical Films since 1967. Besides the headquarter in northern Germany the company also has a branch in Brazil and a sales office located in England.
Customers come mainly from the electrical and electronics industry, the automotive industry and the agricultural and medical technology sector. This company not only offers customers technical solutions to their specific needs but also develops and implements logistics and packaging solutions which are specially adapted to meet customers specific requirements.
The company is certified to be in conformance with ISO 9001

About Temac, A.:
Temac is a leading Central European manufacturer and distributor of industrial and automotive sealings and gaskets used mainly in power engineering, chemical, gas, oil and petrochemical industries.
Based on the deployment of new technologies and a broad range of international quality certifications, Temacs list of customers includes companies such as Volkswagen Group, Daewoo Avia, Federal Mogul, Slovnaft, Shell, the Unipetrol Group and a various subsidiaries of the Royal Econosto/Erics group.
Temac, a.s. develops, manufactures and sells one of the most extensive product portafolio in the sealing industry.
The quality of their services is based on certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.