VOCs, or volatile organic compounds are emitted by a wide array of products and processes. Paints, lacquers, cleaning compounds, printing, and a host of other substances found in industrial environments release pollutants into the air that have adverse long and short term health effects. VOC pollution is especially hazardous in the high concentrations found indoors.

Northern Integrated Systems Co. custom engineers effective process gas exhaust systems for industrial applications, considering factors such as:

– VOC loading of the gas stream;
– Regulatory requirements;
– Solvent recovery needs;
– Lifecycle costs.

Thermal Oxidizers Thermal oxidizers usually provide the highest possible VOC control and efficiency through high-temperature conversion of hydrocarbons to products of combustion. SysTech provides specialized thermal oxidizers, which include features such as:

* Operation at high temperatures to combust solvents into water and carbon dioxide.
* High destruction efficiencies which are ideal for use with most VOC applications.
* Heat recovery capabilities ranging from 50% to 95% resulting in low operating costs.

Catalytic oxidizers achieve extremely high levels of VOC control at lower temperatures. Northern Integrated Systems Co. provides specialized catalytic oxidizers with features such as:

– Little or no natural gas required to sustain required temperatures,
– Recuperative catalytic oxidizers, a very cost-efficient way to manage solvent emissions,
– Ability to treat nitrogen containing organic compounds without the formation of NOx,
– VOC control while consuming less energy due to lower operation temperatures.

Due to NFPA standards and a growing awareness of workplace health and safety hazards, industry has seen an increasing demand for effective explosion protection systems. The flammable gases and combustible dust resulting from many industrial and manufacturing processes create a serious threat, which necessitates dependable explosion prevention. Protection is also needed for potentially explosive environments that include functions such as:

Conveying – Elevators, Pneumatic Ducts, Separators, Vapor Control;

Processing – Coaters, Cookers, Dust Collectors, Dryers, Paint Booths, Sanders;

Pulverizing – Ball Mills, Cage Mills, Flakers, Granulators, Grinders, Shredders;

Storage – Bins, Cyclones, Flammable Liquid Storage Areas, Hoppers, Tanks.

Many explosion prevention measures will comprise an explosion protection system, as well as measures to contain or mitigate potential explosions.

To obtain a reasonable degree of personnel comfort in hot weather, there are three basic factors that should be provided for in the ventilation and coolong system of a commercial or industrial building. The first step toward controlling the hot air porblem is to provide for the removal of excessively hot air from the building. This superheated air frequently mixes with the air in the cooler areas of the building to produce an overall temperature increase. As superheated air is frequently localized around heat-producing machinery, it should be exhausted from the building near its source.

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Industrial equipment needs to be protected from the forces of nature. It is nice to have a good appearance, but a high strength coating will protect the equipment it is applied to as well. This protection is necessary from an owners standpoint to protect their investment. A good industrial coating will ensure the protection and longevity of equipment and the buildings they are in.

Industrial equipment is subjected to many harsh environments. When a caustic process is used in an industrial setting, this equipment needs to be coated with a material that will not corrode. If a structural member is not protected, the corroding effect of that process can compromise the structural integrity and produce an unsafe situation.

When living by an industrial complex, spills are a top concern for property owners. When harmful chemicals invade the groundwater, the cost of cleanup can easily reach millions of dollars. A protective liner needs to be in place when a spill occurs. These liners are impervious to the spill, making cleanup much easier. Often, tanks are placed in a special containment field. These areas have a wall completely surrounding the tank. The walls and floor of this area needs a protective coating that is also impenetrable to the spilled solution.

Another good example of the need for a protective coating is bulk storage tanks. These tanks are typically installed and maintained outside. There are some very good reasons for this. A failure of one of these tanks inside a building would create an immediate threat to the workers inside the complex. It is safer to have these tanks outside, still this means the tanks are always being attacked by the environment. Rain, hail, wind, and snow all work at trying to corrode these vessels. The need for a durable finish on these tanks is essential.

Industrial and municipal piping needs to have a protective coating to promote an extended length of service. Municipalities coat piping before it is buried underground. When the pipe is installed water is immediately on the attack. These piping systems are designed for many years of service, making a good coating mandatory.

Some coatings are more for aesthetic value than anything else. A fresh coat of paint will brighten up an industrial complex. It makes the work area look better and covers old paint. It actually can save the building some money in the process. An area painted in light colors that reflect light will require less lighting. It is easier to maintain environmental elements, such as humidity, when plain cement or block walls are sealed and painted.

Within the Calgary and Edmonton area in Canada, there is one company which becomes instantly associated with manufacturing supplies: CAM Industrial Supply. Founded in 1976, the company offers a wide array of products and services ranging from material handling supplies to storage solutions.

Services Provided by CAM Industrial Supply

One of the goals that CAM Industrial Supply has is to provide clients with turnkey solutions, no matter what type of project it is that their business is involved in. Whats so good about the quality of industrial supplies services that they offer is that there is no cookie cutter approach followed. Instead, your needs as a business is analyzed and the results of the study are used in the design phase before moving on to installation and ongoing support towards the life of the asset.

To give you an idea about the individual services provided by CAM Industrial Supply, take a look at the following list:
Equipment Relocation
Project Management
Preventive Maintenance Programs
Repair Services
Racking Inspection and Certification

Based form the list of services provided by CAM Industrial Supply, it is easy to see how wide a range their slew of clients is. Basically, the company provides goods and services to manufacturers, distributors, processors, 3PLs, as well as oil and gas companies. Even small businesses which have a traditional office setup might benefit from the janitorial supplies, commercial cleaning supplies and safety supplies manufactured by CAM Industrial Supply.

So what is it exactly that makes the services provided by CAM Industrial Supply a cut above the rest? When you consider the fact that the company has been around since 1976, there is no matching the experience that the owners have in delivering goods to business and manufacturing clients.

They also are committed to the CAMmandments the first of which is to create ecstatic customers. Instead of simply meeting, they try to exceed your expectations by going the extra mile and providing value added solutions to clients.

Whether you are looking for a service which is as simple as equipment installation or something as complex as earning a Racking Inspection certification, you can rest assured that CAM Industrial Supply can give you everything that you need and more.

By going a step further in providing value-added solutions to their clients, it is no wonder why CAM Industrial Supply has become the number one company of its kind in the Edmonton and Calgary area, as well as the rest of Canada.

Industrial Telephones are a product of the unique technological breakthroughs prevalent in the modern era. They facilitate communication among people located at geographically dispersed locations. No external power is required in such industrial telephones and is highly suited for a noisy environment. The presence of such an equipment offers high range of reliability and efficiency and is also being considered as a perfect replacement of conventional phones. Every industrial telephone is fitted with hook switch and a sealed keypad to avoid exposure to grime, dust or any other external pollutant. One of the salient features of industrial telephone include noise removing microphone as well. The emergency phones comprise of a stainless steel handset cord which is hearing aid compatible and remains flexible in extreme temperatures. There are several growing organizations which are utilizing emergency phones in conjunction with plant EPABX.

The emergence of advanced leading edge technologies has also led to the inception of innovative interventions like Industrial PA systems and hotline PA systems which are devised to regulate the functioning of voluminous industrial units. Every industrial PA system is constituted by mixers, amplifiers and loudspeakers so that sound can be reinforced quickly. One can frequently encounter extensive application of industrial PA systems in shopping malls, industrial plants, airports, railway stations etc and are meant to ensure customer protection and suitable convenience in event of theft, vandalism or security breaches. The modern industrial PA systems ensure efficiency, scalability, flexibility, simplicity and user friendly approach in comparison to traditional PA systems.
Industrial public address telephone composed of amplifier and loudspeaker offers the unique advantage of ensuring an effective communication system among people located at geographically dispersed locations. Through industrial public address telephone one can target a specific location rather than the whole premises for announcement purpose.
Hotline PA systems are being extensively utilized in efficient addressing on the basis of multiple telephonic units connected through a single line using controller and Junction Boxes. Hotline PA systems are helpful in off hook services like fire alarms and emergency phone announcements in the event of accidental hazards.

With the dual benefit of industrial PA/paging system one can ensure point-to-point communication among individuals or units with supreme efficiency. The private line function allows people to communicate without the use of loudspeakers. One more category of industrial PA systems include the desktop public address systems where a desktop can be attached to a uni-directional microphone and used as an effective communication medium.

Catering is used by companies and private parties to provide food and drink services for gatherings. This is commonly seen at business events, weddings and other gatherings and may include full course meals, bar services or buffet settings. Often catered events will have staff prepare the food that will be served on their own equipment or on provided equipment.

Many professional caterers have their own equipment. This equipment includes plate and stemware and the tools necessary for cooking and serving food. Catering equipment may be commercially available items such as basic cooking equipment. This equipment is often what is available to the general public and can produce good results for food preparation.

Commonly used equipment includes chafers, which are used to keep dishes warm after being prepared. Buffet warmers are often used for buffet catering as they can keep multiple items warm at the same time. Other types of serving trays may be used to accommodate smaller gatherings and are often easily washable in a standard kitchen sink.

Catering equipment is often more affordable than industrial equipment, making it easier for small catering businesses to get started and work for clients. Some catering equipment may be purchased through retail stores or other kitchen supply locations instead of through an industrial catering retailer. Other catering equipment may include basic table cloths and place mats that are used to cover the tables.

Industrial catering equipment is frequently used by larger catering companies to produce excellent and efficient products for catering. This equipment may not be available to the general public, or may be cost prohibitive for smaller catering businesses. Industrial catering equipment may be purchased through industrial retailers or through specialty locations that handle industrial grade equipment.

Choosing industrial catering equipment over standard catering equipment can help with clean up as well. Many industrial catering supplies include ware washers that are capable of handling large amounts of serving trays, plates and stemware at once. This can help reduce the amount of time spent washing used goods after and during the catering process.

Industrial catering equipment is often more durable than standard catering equipment. This can lead to longer lasting equipment that is more resilient to dents, dings and other damages that occur during catering. Purchasing longer lasting equipment can lead to a reduction in how often the equipment must be replaced. These industrial grade machines and serving trays also may hold larger amounts of food, making it possible to easily serve larger gatherings and groups.

Industrial catering equipment is also often used by hospitals in the kitchen to serve meals. This equipment is often used to bring individual meals to patients but can also be used to cater settings where individual meals are required. Standard catering equipment may not be able to easily accommodate individual meals, or the equipment may not be as durable.

Industrial Supplies are the result of the world turning to Industrialization and it seems that every year there are additions in leaps and bounds as professionals and apprentices come up with novel ways to improve the industry and environment in which we live, work and play.

There are many industries that require the supply of these industrial materials on a regular and daily basis as they go about creating, repairing maintaining and developing machinery and products for consumption by all of us.

Most of the labor force in the entire world is in some way or another linked to the manufacture of a good or product.

So, if you consider that there are specific industries out in the world that carry the responsibility for industry in general, they will need to obtain their supplies from somewhere and this is what we call industrial supplies.

Industries like that of engineering, manufacturing, robotics, scientists and laboratories, janitorial and sanitation will all need to remain at their most productive by having the correct tools and materials available for the job at hand.

Engineering supplies take the form of various metal sheets, metal piping, lathes and other metalworking equipment in order for these engineering firms to continue productively.

The manufacturing industry will rely on vast quantities of raw materials in order for molds to be pressed into products, parts to be made for end products and even timber for household products like beds and furniture.

Robotics is a specialized industry that fortunately is improving our lives on a daily basis as those little gadgets like cellular telephones and televisions are created smaller and smaller every year with more and more functions and capabilities.

These goods and products could not be possible without research and development into fields such as robotics, science and industrial development.

Scientists and laboratories consume large amounts of raw chemicals on a daily basis as they try, test and receive approval from the FDA to go into production of pharmaceuticals.

These labs all require machines and technology to operate which are possible with the help of the engineering, mechanical, electronic and a stack more of expertise in order to have the equipment and tools that they do.

This is why it is extremely important to the sustainability of the economy and gross domestic production in general to ensure a sound supply of industrial materials and industrial supplies in general.

Industrial engineering carries great responsibilities in its stride including the determination of manufacturing process, setting and ensuring the production standards and evaluating the requirement of the desired personnel in industries. No doubt, an industrial engineer is the jack of all traits in any kind of industry.

Job of Industrial Engineer

The estimation of production cost, creation of effective product design, development of production standards, revision of production schedules, delegation of responsibilities to the workers and completion of production within the given time frame are the major tasks executed by an industrial engineer.

Industrial Engineer decides and monitors the quality control objectives, and resolves any sort of problem that occurs during the production process. His main focus is always on the efficient production and cost minimization. He also keeps an update of the project status, purchases, manufacturing and production processes. Also, the design, layout and draft of the equipments and materials are summarized by him.

Required Qualifications

Mechanical knowledge is one aspect without which a person can not realize the dream of making a career in industrial engineering. An engineering degree coupled with the knowledge of industrial production and technology is the foremost qualification required for a job of industrial engineer. A keen design sense, command on English language and computer knowledge are the other requirements to do the work of an industrial engineer.

A strong background of Mathematics is compulsory since the work involves the application of arithmetic, calculus, algebra, geometry and statistics. The job profile also demands a command on management and administration principles which are the basic tools for resource allocation, production and strategic planning, and; work coordination and delegation.

Skill Requirements

An ability to think logically and critically helps industrial engineers to weigh the various available options and take the best decision in favor of efficient production. They should also possess the active listening and fast reading skills to take the desired steps in flick of seconds. Quick decision making and excellent time management skills make the person doing industrial engineering jobs , quite resourceful.

PN-C-S provide many small and large companies with maintenance contracts for electrical maintenance. We will provide your company with an industrial electrician that you will trust your electrical needs with us.All of our fully qualified engineers are fully competent and will make sure that all containment systems are safe and secure and all wiring, wires and light fittings are electrically sound. We carry outthoroughelectrical testing on a regular basis. We willalsosupplyyou with all the electrical supplies you will need.

If the wiring in your factory is worrying you or your sockets are starting to get overloaded with plugs get in touch with PN-C-S Electrician Surrey we will complete all work on your site within the set time and budget. We will repair and maintain work carried out by PN-C-S throughout the contracted time. If you find or we find you need up grades in any electrical area’s such as electrical wiring, concealed wiring, electrical panels then call PN-C-S.
It is essential that all electrician’s in surrey are fully trained and fully qualified when working with industrial electricity. If you don’t know what your doing when working with electricity as big and powerful as industrial electricity then save it for the people that are qualified. You will cause damage of not to your self then to others or the building around you.

The equipment that needs to be used for working with electricity is sophisticated and can be found to be complicating to use. That is why an electrician has to be fully trained and competent working around equipment like combination wire stripper/cutter, which in case you wanted to know is used in the preparation of wiring. The equipment is a vital part of an industrial electricians job and it is important that the electrician has the best equipment available.

Electricity testing is a common job for an electrician. It can range from testing a kettle to testing major electricity panels. Its a job very common for an industrial electrician. You will find especially trained electricians to handle this job. In this field the extra training comes in as essential because being faced with the higher levels of electricity than a normal domestic situation your then faced with a higher level of danger.

Electrician in Surrey PN-C-S will have the team fully qualified, experienced and of the highest standards so the best is coming out to you and representing PN-C-S. Along with the best equipment to make sure the job is done to satisfaction.

An industrial panel saw is used to produce panels for cabinets, furniture, doors, and other types of woodwork. If you need a new panel saw, but you have questions about what model you should buy, or what type of woodworking machinery suppliers to buy it from, the answers below will help.

Should I buy a vertical model of a horizontal model?

Vertical models are often preferred because they have a smaller footprint than horizontal models. Some woodworkers also claim that vertical models are easier to load. The most meaningful difference between the two models is how they are stationed in the workplace. If you have a small workspace, choosing a vertical model may make the most sense.

Should I consider buying a CNC model?

A CNC model is a good choice for at least three reasons: the computer-controlled cutting mechanism virtually eliminates human error, the equipment can operate without the constant assistance of a machinist, and the computer-controlled cutting mechanism boosts production capacity. Although a CNC industrial panel saw costs more than a conventional one, these benefits more than offset the price difference over the equipment’s lifespan.

Is it safe to buy a used model?

As long as the equipment has been reconditioned, and the seller has strong references and an excellent record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is safe to buy a used model. For added assurance that the equipment is in good condition, be sure that it has a spotless maintenance record.

Is it possible to test equipment before buying it?

Reputable woodworking machinery suppliers let prospective customers test equipment before they buy it. It may be necessary to travel to the seller’s location to perform the test, but doing so is worth the trip. Simply watching the equipment operate and listening to its motor can reveal potential mechanical problems that would not be evident by looking at photographs or inspecting the machine when it is not in operation.

Should I look for equipment that has a warranty?

It is never a bad idea to buy CLAA070NA01CT LED Panel that has a warranty. However, if you intend to own it long-term, the best form of investment protection is to buy a machine that has an excellent record for reliability. This is especially the case if you are purchasing used equipment.

What types of sellers should I avoid?

It is best to avoid sellers who lack a physical business location, as they usually lack the capacity to recondition equipment. Also avoid buying from sellers who lack strong references, or have a poor record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB).