Buying Industrial Chairs And Stools

Muscle and spine disorders, also known as musculoskeletal disorders are increasingly becoming rampant amongst industrial workers. Most industrial workers would attribute their inability to work to such disorders. Such problems usually stem from awkward seating posture and inappropriate seating equipment such as chairs and stools. Numerous studies and researches have established that work place injuries caused due to improper seating equipment account for over one third of total lost time at work. United States alone has a civilian labor force totaling 155 million, and therefore work related lost time would take mammoth proportion and have far reaching financial implication.

Work stations are characterized by variable heights, different angles and heterogeneous surfaces. It is therefore imperative to have functional, adaptable and sturdy industrial seating equipment. Versatility is another feature which is required in case multiple users. Ergonomically designed industrial chairs and stools can suffice majority of the above mentioned requirement. Lumbar support plays an important role during the design of ergonomic industrial chairs and stools. Beside this it can be used under various industrial work environments. However the selection of industrial chairs and stools largely depends on the intended use and user. Mentioned below are a few parameters that should be considered while selecting industrial chairs and stools.


Work surfaces are of varying height depending upon the nature of work being carried out. Therefore it is necessary to have adjustable height mechanism built into industrial chairs and stools. Adjustable height option ensures that the user does not have to stretch or bend his/her legs. This in turn helps to have unrestricted blood supply to the lower region of your body. It is also suited for workstation used by multiple users.

Floor Surface:

Choosing the right casters is essential and should be done in accordance to the floor surface the chair or stool is meant to be used on. Soft floors like carpet or linoleum require a different caster than that of hard floors like wood, tile, or ceramic. There is also an option to select between casters and glides depending on whether or not movement is required.

Tilt adjustment:

Tilt adjustment of seat span which can cater to a wide range of movement is a crucial selection parameter. Tilt adjustment is apt for workers who need to constantly lean forward while working and can also double up as sit stands.


Appropriate material should be selected depending on the intended use of chairs and stools. Polyurethane seats are robust, durable, and are puncture and slice resistant. Vinyl covering is antimicrobial and antibacterial protected and therefore suitable for a clean environment.

Apart from using the above mentioned parameters to make suitable selection, one should not forget that there is no substitute for good seating posture.